When putting up a new fence, there are a number of steps involved. These include digging holes for the posts, mixing concrete, and moving materials. You’ll need at least two people to complete the project, but it may require more help. Also, it’s best to hire a professional who has experience in fencing installation. Choosing a professional will ensure that the new fence is straight, sturdy, and levels.

Before installing a new fence, you should first determine the property line. The line should be clearly marked so that the crew can access it easily and install the fence. This can be done by consulting the local municipality, the zoning authority, and public records, such as plat documents. Additionally, you should discuss the project with your neighbors to ensure that everyone is in agreement. If you share a property line with your neighbor, you can also divide the cost of a new fence in half.

If your fence is being installed by a reliable fence company, be sure to check their licenses and insurance records. You should also compare price and quality. In general, masonry fencing is the best option for security and aesthetics, but it’s also the most expensive. While redwood is the best wood for fences, it can be costly. Before deciding on a particular fence, be sure to get estimates from a number of contractors.

While a fence is not a complicated structure, the construction process can be complicated. If you have no experience in fencing, hiring a professional fencing contractor will ensure that everything goes smoothly. A fencing contractor will also know what equipment and supplies to use to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the new fence. The prep work is crucial for the safety and stability of the new fence.

Once you’ve chosen your fence, the next step is installing the posts. It is best to start by putting the corner and end posts first. Make sure to measure the post height, and use twine to mark the depth. Continue doing this until all the posts are installed. Double check the spacing between posts, as well.

While wood remains the standard choice, vinyl and wrought iron are becoming increasingly popular. Other materials such as chain link and aluminum can also be used for fence construction. These materials are more expensive than wood, and the price can vary widely from one area to another. In rural areas, materials may be more expensive and access may be difficult.

Choosing the right season for your fence installation can help save money and preserve your landscaping. If possible, schedule your fence installation for the winter months when temperatures are lower. This will ensure that your new fence looks its best in the spring.

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